Hill Butane Company - Propane Services for Beaumont and Southeast Texas

Hill Butane Company, located just Southwest of Beaumont Texas, is a full-service propane company offering services for residential, commercial and agricultural propane users. We provide propane delivery, propane tank and LP gas system installations, propane appliance installation and repair, and fueling services for propane gas bottles, RV's and cylinders. Our established reputation of quality propane service is evident through our continued operation for over 60 years.

Hill Butane Company serves the towns and communities of Anahuac, Cheek, China, Crystal Beach, Devers, Double Bayou, Fannett, Gilchrist, Hamshire, Hankamer, High Island, LaBelle, Lumberton, Nome, Oak Island, Port Bolivar, Smith Point, Sour Lake, Stowell, Winnie and Surrounding Communities.

Propane Tank Installation for Beaumont and Southeast Texas

Propane tank installation for Beaumont and surrounding areas

Hill Butane Company installs propane tanks in the Beaumont Texas region and has been doing so for the last 60 years. Not only do we install propane tanks, but we also install the propane piping system that runs from the tank to the building. And in some instances, we also install interior propane piping. The Hill Butane Company service department is experienced and installs propane tanks in accordance with all local, state and national regulations governing propane tank installation.

Propane Tanks for Sale and Lease

Hill Butane Company offers several sizes of propane tanks for installation at homes and businesses. Our tank inventory includes 250 gallon, 500 gallon and 1000 gallon propane tanks for above ground or underground installation. Propane tanks must be sized properly to ensure an adequate fuel supply for the application which they will be used. Depending on availability, customers can purchase used propane tanks for installation at their home or business. Hill Butane Company works with Beaumont area homebuilders, contractors and pool installation companies to ensure that propane tanks are sized properly and that all propane system components are properly installed. We are also able to lease propane tanks, provided the customer is in compliance with certain critera.

Propane Tank Installation Process

Hill Butane Company staff is able to help you decide what size tank you need and is able to guide you through the propane tank installation process. We are able to provide estimates for propane tank and LP gas system installation by either visiting with you on site or by reviewing a set of plans or blueprints. Once you have decided to have Hill Butane Company install your propane tank, we will schedule the installation date and arrive promptly on the date of delivery. Our service crew will install the propane tank, regulators and service lines from the tank to the building. We will then fill the tank with propane and pressure the system. We will inspect the system for leaks and make any repairs that may be necessary. We will cycle all appliances to ensure the propane gas system as a whole is operating properly. We will educate the customer on safety and operational aspects of the propane gas system and propane appliances.

Commercial and Industrial Propane Tanks

Hill Butane Company has the ability to install propane tanks varying in size and number at commercial and industrial locations requiring large volumes of gas. For instance, we may install two large tanks that service a high demand generator. Other multi-tank installations may serve the needs of propane refueling station. Roofing contractors in the Beaumont area depend on Hill Butane Company for the installation of temporary propane tanks that serve to heat their tar kettles for extended period of time at a job site. Or capabilities for commercial propane tank installation allow us to ensure all commercial propane needs are satisfied, regardless of size or volume.

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